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what are the benefits of expressive arts therapy?


Expressive Art awakens the senses and the imagination through multiple arts disciplines

I create therapeutic art programs, performances, restorative workshops and community events for museums, galleries and arts organizations, as well as clinical settings and schools.  I work with a wide-range of clients including individuals, families and couples, teens and children on relationships and issues such as anxiety, depression and trauma.

Expressive Arts is an effective, creative and uplifting therapeutic modality that draws upon multiple arts disciplines, such as painting, movement, music, dance and poetry. Accessing multiple sensory pathways offers participants greater potential for meaningful growth and lasting change.  The discipline was co- founded in the 1970's by Steve and Ellen Levine, Paolo Knill and Shaun McNiff as an art practice and art-based therapy. The philosophy of the Expressive Arts embraces an interdisciplinary approach to the arts, integrating indigenous healing systems with contemporary theories such as phenomenology, feminism, postmodernism and eco-aesthetics.



Personal Growth, Rediscovering Inspiration

Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we experience at different stages and transitions in our lives. Through Expressive Arts, you will strengthen your resilience and your ability to adjust to change as you recover your motivation, perspective and joy. Be supported in a safe, creative and healing practice as you rediscover what inspires you most.


Children and Adolescents, Self Discovery and Resilience

Being frustrated, hurt or disappointed isn't always easy to describe with words, but putting these feelings into works of art provides a safe framework for expressing emotions and developing self-awareness. Children and adolescents will develop self-esteem, flexibility, resilience, authenticity, and social-emotional growth through the practice of expressive arts.


Families & Relationships, Creatively Reconnecting

Relationship and Family Expressive Arts Therapy can be beneficial to couples and families who are looking to reconnect, de-stress and share joyful experiences.  The arts provide a safe, supportive and creative foundation for couples and families to work through issues and grow positive communication. Strengthen your relationships and your creativity with the people you care about most.    


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